Friday, June 19, 2009

A new arrival

Bonjour everybody. Let me introduce myself.
I'm Haricot Blanc - a French cat. Well a kitten at the moment. And this is my blog.

I've just found a new home with His Master's Dulcet Tones and The Other One Who Feeds Us (henceforth to be referred to as HMDT - heavily capitalised because there's always one isn't there? And Toowfu) which kind of gives the game away about what is probably awaiting me down the line.

I have the feeling I'm not alone here in this adventure, but I've not yet happened upon any other creatures great or small, so I can't really tell you much about what is, after all, just an inkling at the moment.


Anyhow I only moved in two days ago and am quickly getting the lie of the land.

So while they're both out I've slipped into the study to investigate. While the cat's that's not quite right is it?

Not only have I adopted a couple of humans, but as you can see I've also discovered the joys of this computer thing.

So whenever they're not around I intend to make full use of it to tell anyone out there reading what life's like here in France....for a cat that is.

Oh yes. In case you were wondering about the name, it's French for "White Bean". Original huh?

I didn't choose it of course. They did. HMDT and Toowfu.

You would be right in asking what they were thinking of at the time. Yes I'm white, and definitely very cute, but I don't look anything like a bean. Do I?

Apparently they wanted a name that began with "H" because it's a kind of a family thing. I'm not sure that I understand entirely, but I guess it'll become clearer with time.

So it looks as though I'm stuck with it. Little do they know though that I actually already have a name. Proof I suppose that neither of them has read T. S. Eliot's "Old Possum's book of practical cats".

Had they done so they would have known that while we cats require THREE names, the most important is the one known only to us. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about.

In a sense though the pair are rather bucking the trend here in France because tradition has it that when choosing a name for cats and dogs a specific letter should be used depending on the year.

It's really only strictly applied to those with pedigrees, but it's also common practice when naming those of less - how shall I put it - "reliable lineage" - and that includes me.

This year's letter is "E", which might come in quite handy when I'm a little older as it means that should I feel the need to lop a few years off my age at some point in the future I can quite easily turn around and say, "Hey, my name begins with 'H' so of course I'm not quite that old yet."

Hang on a moment, I can hear the key in the front door. I think it's them. So I'll have to rush back to my basket to pretend I've been sleeping while they were out.

After all I don't want HMDT and Toowfu discovering my hidden talents.

This blogging thing looks as though it could be fun. When I get the chance I'll be back to tell you a little more about life here.

For now though, as we cats say in France "miaule".

A bientôt.

Haricot B.


  1. AnonymousJune 26, 2009

    Bonjour Haricot Blanc!
    I have a question for you. I was delighted to see the mention of the requirement of three names for a cat. In writing about cats in my 2003 edition of my calendar The Lunaria Lunar Almanac( I ran across this info and saying: It was thought that every cat should be given a secret name. With the idea that power can be gained from another by knowing their name, a second name was given. Like in the old rhyme~One for secret, one for riddle, name puss twice and befuddle the devil.
    So my question is: What is the third name for? I will look for an answer in your next blog. Merci!

  2. Hello beautiful. How we will enjoy watching you grow. We are senior cats and our mum so your youthful antics will always be appreciated.
    We love your sweet name.

  3. Hi Haricot Blanc, nice to meet you and I am glad to see you are enjoying the blogging world. I look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous pictures.

    poppy Q
    New Zealand

  4. Hi Haricot Blanc! Glad to meet you. My name is Bassie and I live in Miami, Florida in the USA. Mommy is too lame to make me a blog but you can see my pictures at I'm so looking forward to following your adventures. Purrrrrrrrrrs. Oh, sorry, that should be ronronronronron. So long!