Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Holiday encounters

Bonjour, Haricot Blanc, le blogging French cat here, from a very sunny and hot France.

As you might have guessed, and will be able to see from these pix, I'm on holiday.

Last week the comfy laps stuffed the car to bursting point and headed south to spend some time in the countryside.

They didn't forget me (how could they?) and rather than leaving me in the care of a lovely lady who looks after the house and garden while they're away, decided that I too should come along.

After a three-hour drive, during which I didn't complain too much, we arrived and even though everything is new (again) I've had the chance to do my fair share of investigating and have had some enthralling encounters.

First and foremost was my introduction to the sitting room sofa.

Perhaps not the most extraordinary experience for the more world wise among you, but a complete revelation to me.

Then there was my the chance to explore the outside world, initially from the safety of a first floor window and later during a short chaperoned romp in a meadow.

That's where I came nose-to-nose with one of the Lop Ears.

You might remember my pal Hiro mentioning them earlier, but you can read and see a little more about them here in a piece which includes selection of short videos taken by HMDT while they were splashing around in a nearby lake.

For the moment though, I'll leave you with some shots of me taking my first tentative steps in to Big Outdoors and of course blissfully rolling around on the sofa.

You can also see a few more photos of me outdoors here.

Bonnes vacances.

Haricot B.

Haricot B encounters a sofa

Haricot B. and the Big Outdoors


  1. What a good time you are having, little one. The grass is half as tall as you are! Enjoy your self but take care.

  2. We came to visit you via Poppy Q's blog and we smiled at your kitten antics and think you will learn a lot from the older gentleman cat you share your house with, too...