Saturday, August 1, 2009

Under the weather - a health scare

Bonjour mes amis. Haricot Blanc, le blogging French cat back with you once again.

It probably hasn't escaped your notice that I haven't had much to say since I mentioned my last visit to that place I referred to as "fast becoming something of a four letter world".

Remember? The VETS.

Well that's mainly because I've been feeling poorly and have had to spend a couple of days in the clinic "under obs".

It all started last Thursday when I just felt so pooped. I didn't have any energy, wanted to spend all the time dozing and my normally healthy appetite was anything but.

I just drank a little water et "basta".

The comfy laps insisted that I pay another visit to that unmentionable place, where I was examined and my temperature taken.

Now I shan't complain about where they stuck the thermometer, but REALLY!

Sometimes these comfy laps and their accomplices just don't know the meaning of the words "dignified" and "decency".

Anyway, it turned out I was running a fever - 40 degrees celsius rather than the norm which is around 38.5 - so no guesses as to what came next.

One of those ruddy jabs in the backside, instructions to keep me calm and quiet (as if I really felt like doing anything else) and an anti-inflammatory for a potentially pulled muscle.

Wonder of wonders though, in the car back home I started feeling better, and by the time I had made it through the front door, I was back to my old (young) self, rushing around the house like a Force 10 gale and generally making my presence felt on the place.

Appetite back, motions (hate to mention that, but it's rather important) passing, everything seemed back to normal. And on Friday I was chirpy all day.

But then in the evening I started feeling woozy, not wanting to touch my food and hardly bothering to raise myself from by basket throughout the night.

Once again the comfy laps were concerned, and rang the clinic out of hours early on Saturday, and I was taken in for yet another consultation in the afternoon.

This time I had a flash test which indicated the possibility of the Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV) against which I had been vaccinated a couple of weeks ago.

And more worryingly there was the fear that I had somehow contracted the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) against which there is no vaccination!

Blood samples were rushed off to a lab, and I was kept in for two days for observations and to receive a perfusion as I was still running a fever and had no appetite.

That didn't last long though, as by Monday I was wailing to be allowed home (the vet told HMDT all about it when he came to collect me in the afternoon) and gee was I happy to be back where I belonged.

No more silence and calm for me - even if it has been advised. Instead I'm full of spirits, eating heartily and enjoying making mischief.

The only downside has been waiting for the results and taking some revolting medicine (is there ever any other sort?) twice a day...some sort antibiotic in liquid form, served to me through a pipette unwelcomely (as far as I was concerned) thrust into my mouth.

HMDT and Toowfu are still, as they say, "Keeping an eye on me". Vets instructions apparently, but to be quite frank, I feel in fine this video more than attests to.

Oh yes, and here's a link to a selection of photos I've (rather pretentiously perhaps) entitled "Haricot B - a study against orange" and "The cat that didn't 'sat on the mat'".

A bientôt.

Haricot B.

Whoever said "The cat sat on the mat?"


  1. Hi,

    Thank You Very Much for sharing this helpful informative article here.

  2. Oh I do hope little Haricot Blanc doesn't have any of those nasty diseases, do let us know. Fingers crossed!

  3. We are glad that your are feeling better dear one. We have had an FIV+
    cat previously who lived to be 17 years. He passed not of FIV but of renal failure. And kitties that are young like you may convert from + to-. Either way, we are sure you will have a long and happy life.
    Kisses and purrs to you.

  4. i am so happy for you are feeling better. take a nutritious food, water, sleep and love! i heard Kari's saying (kitties that are young like you may convert from + to-) from animal doctor. if your biological mother's antibody stay your body, it shows +. but antibody will disappear when you will grow up.