Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Les Lop Ears

A holiday bonjour from Haricot Blanc, le blogging French cat.

I mentioned in an earlier piece that I don't live alone in Fontainebleau.

There are of course the comfy laps, HMDT and Toowfu. That goes without saying.

Plus you've already "met" my pal Hiro, the female cat who has no problem with gender identity even though the comfy laps insisted on giving HER a boy's name.

And there was an allusion to the PRESENCE, about which (or whom?) I know as little as you at the moment.

Perhaps though you remember a passing reference made by Hiro to some other four-legged critters whom she called the "lop-eared nutters".

Indeed I've had the pleasure of hearing them exercise their vocal cords - to the delight of everyone else in the neighbourhood - while I've been trying to snooze in the afternoon.

But up until now I haven't actually seen, let alone met, any of them.

That though has all changed.

Holidays are all about relaxing, enjoying the weather, discovering new places and making new friends.

And that's exactly what I've been up to over the past week as I came muzzle to maw with La Grande Dame and watched in amusement from the safety of the bedroom window as les Lop Ears raced around outside.

Meeting la Grande Dame

La Grande Dame is a rather hefty and somewhat sloth-like old gal whose major pre-occupations in life as far as I can tell seem to be eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping, swimming, eating and sleeping (in that order).

She's placid and gentle and like many of her ilk "not quite all there".

Her daughter, Blondie, is a bit of a stunner, but every bit as barmy.

Blondie - not exactly camera shy

The trio of daftness is completed by Silly; the comfy laps must have spent hours trying to come up with that name!

Silly by name, silly......

Yes they're dogs - which explains a lot I suppose - and pedigree English cocker spaniels at that, with monikers longer and more illustrious than their behaviour would seem to support.

Anyway, as promised, here's some short footage HMDT shot of the three of them during a recent splash-about in a nearby lake.

They might look a little half-baked, but they could be fun.

I'll keep you posted.

A bientôt.

Haricot B.

Mother and daughter

Such a racket

More racket

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  1. Cute dogs. Obviously not as cute, and definitely not as intelligent as you. Cats are supreme beings, worshipped as gods, whereas dogs are loyal stick collectors.

    Emmy the cat