Thursday, July 16, 2009

HMDT's "fixation" with ears

Bonjour - a quick question from le blogging French cat.

Do my ears look this basket?

Well a "girl" has to ask doesn't she?

I was just wondering what you thought about them - my ears that is - as HMDT has been pointing that ruddy camera in my direction rather a lot recently in an attempt to "catch the best possible shot" and "the right angle".

As usual I'm not being terribly co-operative but that doesn't seem to make much of a difference.

Honestly though, there seems to be some sort of fascination with them.

There I was having a quiet moment on the chair in the study after having whirlwinded my way around the hall and up and down the stairs when I heard that infuriating digital whirring and clicking.

On opening my eyes slightly, I saw that infernal lens pointing at me

It's not that I'm shy or anything, but really...surely one picture is more than enough.

And what is it exactly with my ears? They seem to be the centre of attention.

Yes, they're very pink. And yes they might seem a little out of proportion to the rest of me (at the moment), but really...can't a cat have her little bit of peace every now and then.

Anyway, just to show you what I have to put up with and the results of that "whirr, click whirr" hEAR'S (sorry I couldn't resist it) a selection of the photos I deigned to pose for.

Plus a short film taken just as I was coming to the end of whizzing around the hall....

"Sigh" or as we say in French "soupire".

Haricot B.

I was TRYING to have a rest

I said I was sleeping

So, what are you looking at?


OK. "Ears, smile for the camera"

Have you finished yet?

The thing is, sometimes I have the attention span of a goldfish


  1. Your ears are just beautiful. Perfectly set, shell pink and you wear them like a crown (which you surely deserve). You must know that since you are so adorable everyone will want to see you and enjoy your playful antics. Our love to you darling for being such a good baby.

  2. I get annoyed with the camera too, as I never get left alone.

    You look so sweet trying to sleep and your have wonderful ears.