Monday, July 6, 2009

Teething troubles chez moi

Bonjour encore. C'est moi, Haricot Blanc, le blogging French cat.

As you've probably gathered by now I've been in my new home for over three weeks, and while I've definitely settled in - no problems there - I'm now quite literally experiencing what can only be described as "teething problems".

To be precise I've got toothache BIG TIME as I'm starting to lose my milk teeth and the adult ones are making their presence known...and felt.

So it's all rather a testing time - for me and my surroundings - as I plunge my gums into what ever is at hand (or mouth) and attempt to gnaw my way to paradise.

Furniture, towels, cushions, pillows, belt buckles, tassels and (my favourite of all) shoelaces beware! If you're in my line of mouth then you'll soon be making acquaintance with my emerging choppers.

They're not all through yet of course, but I can feel them coming, and so can HMDT and Toowfu, who haven't be spared.

Until now they've both been quite happy to let their hands dangle around my mouth while I've given them the gentlest of nips during a bout of rough 'n tumble.

Now though I'm understandably getting a little bit fractious and sometimes chomp just a little more strongly than intended. No harm meant though - it's just difficult to find some relief.

Most of the time gnawing doesn't present too much of a problem. There's always something to investigate and even if nothing is left lying around, I can usually make sure that it soon is by "bringing it down to floor level".

Soft furnishings have a certain "give" to them. My special toys of course come in more than handy - or mouthy.

Clothes left tantalisingly draped over a chair - sorry but they're fair game as far as I'm concerned.

And I've taken a rather special liking to an ancient pair of slippers that I found by the end of the bed the other day.


Those slippers

Sometimes though, even I get it wrong and can end up with a nasty surprise.

Take the other day for example while Toowfu was taking a shower and I as usual was perched on the edge "minding my own business" and watching and wondering what that green bar might be that was being rubbed into a furious lather.

As though my musings had been heard, there was a sudden thud as it slipped out of Toowfu's hands and on to the floor in front of me.

Ever the curious one of course - after all we cats have a reputation to live up to - I leant forward to investigate and without thinking eagerly sank my teeth into it.

You can probably imagine my horror when my gnashers made contact with what I now know to be the rather disgusting taste of soap. Not to be recommended under any circumstances, and I beat a hasty retreat.

Toowfu was in hysterics, which I didn't think particularly fair. After all it's not kind to those just starting out and don't know any better.

Doorstop, toy or chest of drawers? Decisions, decisions, decisions

Oh well, the best that can be said I suppose is that we all have to learn somehow.

And not everything that falls from on high is worth sinking one's teeth into, even if one has the desperate need to gnaw.

How profound is that?

And with that thought, I'll leave you for now.

A bientôt.

Haricot B.

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  1. We will never tire of watching you using your sweet little paws. Watch out for soapie bars, very nasty. Love to you, dear one