Friday, July 10, 2009

Keeping healthy - the dreaded "vermifuge"

Do you think comfy laps would like some of this?

Bonjour. Ici Haricot Blanc, your blogging French cat.

De retour as you can see.

Hope you enjoyed the last entry from Hiro.

And it's true what she wrote, we've bonded. Even though she's still huge in comparison to me, she doesn't seem to mind when I invite her for a grapple although she gets a trifle antsy when I forget that my choppers are still a little on the sharp side.

One of the hazards (for her) of my teething I suppose.

Besides she's not around all the time, and when she makes an appearance I like to make the most of it.

Wasn't it interesting what she wrote about the PRESENCE? I wonder why she insisted on capitalising it. And who or what are the "lop-eared nutters"? She has refused to divulge any further details telling me that, "All will become clear in good time."

I'll certainly keep you posted when I know more.

One thing I rather liked was the way she signed off, promising that in her I have, "A faithful friend, playmate and protector."

Now that's what I call true cat solidarity.

And I thought her phrase for describing HMDT and Toowfu collectively as the "comfy laps" was quite appropriate, especially as I spend a lot of time sitting on HMDT's when he's trying to work in the study.

Think I'll use it too in the future.

Actually HMDT's not in my good books at the moment.

It was his turn to give me breakfast this morning, but before doing so he picked me up (ever so gently mind you) and started squeezing something into my mouth.

No word of explanation beforehand and no warning what was coming....and it was just ghastly.

I attempted to spit the lot out and struggled quite a bit with my legs flailing in all directions in protest. But to no avail. He kept a firm hold of me and I had no option but to swallow.

Apparently, as I had explained to me afterwards, it was all "for my own good". Don't you just love it when you're told that?

I was, so I learned "being wormed" or "vermifuger" as it was put to me. Somehow it sounds nicer in French although the experience is just as unpleasant in whichever language you choose to use as far as I'm concerned.

After all that I needed something to get rid of the taste and eagerly tucked into my grub.

But do you know what Hiro told me later in the day? I would have to go through the same procedure in a month's time and then every four weeks until I'm six months old. After that it'll be twice a year.

She gets pills rather than paste - something I hope I'll be given instead in the future.

I mean, do you think comfy laps have even tasted the stuff before subjecting us to it?

Rhetorical question really as the answer is obvious.

Yeeurk. The thought of it still makes me shudder.

I have a sneaking feeling that it was that dreaded three-letter word (the vet) that put him up to it. I'm going to have a few things to say to her about that when I next see her - next week I believe.

A bientôt.

Haricot B.

Oh good shoes....and LACES!

I need somewhere to hide

This'll do nicely

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  1. Poor Haricot! That looks horrible! Did your humans give you lots of love and treats after your wormer. When we just saw you with the box and that implement we got the chills. But you must be healthy.....
    By the way you are getting more adorable by the moment.